Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a weekend

June 7th

It rained the whole weekend with a few hours of sunshine. Tamara and the little girls came to visit. They spent most of the day with us. The last time the kids were with us they spent the night and Papa and Nana had to spoil them by taking them to Chuck E Cheese Pizza, so the first words out of their mouth were "can we go to Chuck E Cheese". Grand parents can train their grandchildren without even realizing it. They were disappointed , and we saw the error of our ways, from now on I'm sure their question will be the first words out of their mouths. Let that be a lesson spoiling can backfire.

After spending the day with two buzzie little girls and their Mom to help we wonder how we ever raised 7 children. I guess our chilcren used up all the energy I had. I crash now when the grand kids go home. All my friends say the same thing when their grand kids go home. Our family reunion is in three weeks. I will probably die when it's all done, but I will die with a huge smile on my face and a happy heart. Nothing is a wonderful as a grand child! All you parents don't sell your children when they become a big pain in the !, when they get married they will give you grand children, than you will know it was worth it all.

We have five green tomatoes already and soon we will have little snow peas. Dad has always wanted to farm so the garden is his little farm.

I'm trying to figure out how to put pictures on my blog but I never have time when I decide to post. One of these days it will happen.

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